Help with Bayou Jumper build

William Baranek

Hi guys,
I just completed building a bayou jumper that my wife bought me about two years ago. This is the one with the green front panel. I am at the part where you do the receiver tuning setup. I managed to hear an oscillation on a second receiver around 7031 by adjusting the trimmer cap (c30) and squeezing the turns on the toroid together. the next step is a bit confusing though, if I am hearing the oscillation from the previous step, is adjusting c21 necessary? 

My second problem is when I switch to transmit, nothing happens when I hit the key with the rig connected to a gap challenger. I have verified this by using my RSP1  and SDR console to look for a transmitted signal. I have went through and checked all the voltages with exception of the last two (the adjustable potentiometers) as I am not sure which tab is the wiper. Q4 shows 13.39 at pin D, and Q5 shows 3.08 on pin G, & 13.39 on pin D. Can someone help me figure out what is wrong?

Frank KG4IGC

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