Re: new 40


cheap soder  went over the whole board guys with the old roll its bigger stuff .other was small diem. but no name or 40 60  marks .got it at ozarkcon   1 #   5$  live and learn.. anyway its working   .one problem loud pop when i let up on the key  640mm out yehaw   very low audio BUT I AM VERY HARD HEARING  .very satisfying to get it going remembered  dave saying something abt. flux dirt.cleaned and and sprayed with cleaner .then went over the whole board with good stuff.  thanks curt and dave for the help. u only guys that responed  guess cricket is loseing its charm. not here  ever since i won the naqcc millwatt for 0 district been pumped hi hi . now wheres that poping coming from  .73  HAVE A BLESSED DAY NM0S AND KB5JO

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