Just ordered a Cricket 40

Frank Artieta

Hello :)
I about a year ago ordered and built a Cricket 80a
Great little rig 
I made many contacts become a cricketeer 008
Yes I love my 80 meter cricket :)
And think it would be really hard to beat
At first I could not hear hardly any audio but remedied that problem by using a different sets of headphones
Earbuds I should say :) Not exactly headphones !
I never bit the hook on the 30 meter Cricket for a couple of reasons !
First to catch fish it is absolutely important to fish where the fish are
Second we in a really low spot in as far 30 meters is concerned
The best fishing I think is likely in the 40 meter band !
I am under the personal opinion though even not maybe shared by science ! And my opinion  is that 80 meters is less affected than 40 and so on up in frequency !
Also even if that thought is not a true scientific fact !
And even if 30 meters is not very much affected by low a solar flux 
There still is the fact that a fella must fish where the fish are !
Just plain less fish to be caught during periods of low solar activity in general on 30 meters !
40 meters seems to me ! Least I think :) Will be a really great fishing spot with just a little help , Just a sunspot or two !
72 73 and 88

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