Re: Just ordered a Cricket 40

John, KB2HSH

I think it's time to order ANOTHER 40A, and an 80...


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Date: 9/12/19 10:04 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [CricketKit] Just ordered a Cricket 40

I hope not to talk out of turn
I never have a problem changing the crystals on my 80 meter cricket !
Though I do put a bit of masking tape sort of pulling the crystal down to keep it from vibrating !
Also I am a crystal collector :)
I do not want to miss a contact for lack of a crystal !

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 8:10 PM John KK4ITX via Groups.Io <> wrote:

That Pixie Switch may just solve the issue although it’s a little larger than I was aiming for. Need to check my inventory to see my catlike needs.

Thanks for the tip.


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On Sep 12, 2019, at 20:17, Gwen Patton <ardrhi@...> wrote:

I got a little board from KC9ON on Ebay (id: possumlodge) called a "Pixie Switch", designed to switch a Pixie's single crystal position to multiple crystals. It'll even do the front end pairs of Rockmites (though not the *3* crystal sets from a CRKits CRK-10A...don't know why he has three darned crystals per frequency in it...guess I'll just have to keep on opening my CRK-10A and changing them by hand). It could probably be pressed into service to work a Cricket. Maybe mount it in a little box with a short piece of cable, and either solder it on or use a 2-pin locking plug and socket instead of a DIP or SIP socket. It's only 3 bucks, so pretty cheap.

Gwen, NG3P

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 6:30 PM KD5ALD <73deKD5ALD@...> wrote:
Hello :) I think a time or a place for crickets would be great :)
I am feeling optimistic 
I am thinking we been in the ditch quite long enough !
Sooner or later we have to see at least one sunspot :)
Me I done went and caught this QRPp sickness again !
I can not say at present if it is a good thing to do though !
Last night I listened for the 4 state net on 40 !
With my rig and with even several different web SDRs
Conditions I think were quite pitiful :)
I've read several gurus claim
The next Sunspot Cycle should be starting :)
They are just not sure when :)
But surely between now and a couple years !
If not it just might not !!!
Some say we are not even in a ditch but a bottomless pit !
Some have a really fancy name something like
Solar Minimumus foreverness
A fella has to be highly educated to think up such a name :)
72 73 88 and I know I am missing a one !

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 4:19 PM John KK4ITX via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Perhaps we need to come up with a Cricket Night Net ?  I have the 80m & 40m built and working but haven’t started the 30m insect yet, probably in the next few weeks.

I looked at a ZIF socket as an option and picked up a few to give it a try, if that doesn’t work, there are about 20 Hamfests coming up to search for an old scanner or 23 Ch CB that takes XTALS and see if I can salvage the sockets. Another thought was to use a 3-5 pos rotary switch and solder 3-5 xtals to it ?

As for a base antenna, I use an end fed Inverted V at 18ft.  This year at 5w CW I had QSOs in Washington State and Maine from my Florida QTH....... 40m/20m respectively.  I also have checked into the 4S Nets often with this antenna.

Give some thought to a Cricket Night, maybe just a Roundtable or meeting place ?



On Sep 12, 2019, at 12:03, Frank Artieta <zino395a@...> wrote:

Hello :)
As far as the crystal socket of which there is hardly any arrangement :)
I have not had much problem with ! 
Likely could mount the crystal on something and make some pins that would plug into a socket !
I have had problems with ft 243 crystals that were slightly bent up though !
You do not get many times to shove one in a socket
Till the socket is also messed up !
My favorite antenna is a 1/2 wave dipole fed with open line using a  balanced tuner of course
I have thought quite a bit about NVIS
I have also wondered how to remedy it :)
I would rather not have a Near Vertical takeoff Incidence If I had any choice :)
Though it is a fact most all my antennas have a bit NVIS because 
It is almost impossible for me to get my antennas up where I would really like them to be :)
Using only trees :)
I try to build what I think are efficient antennas !
That is why I use open line !
Lots of QRPp ops seem infatuated with random wire antennas
That I hardly understand
I do understand random wire for Simplicity if you're out in the field or something
But In do not get it for a primary qrp antenna !
I mean I only have a about 1/2 real watt to work with :) 
Least I have to believe in my heart my antennas are somewhat efficient !
A really kicking antenna I think would be a Bi Square !
I do not think a Bi Square minds being close to the ground on the bottom !
Also I also believe it makes a really nice radiation pattern
Quite a good bit better than a dipole !


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