Re: Crickets QRV?

John - KK4ITX


I would rather hear where and when you plan to try for a contact instead of who and where/when you actually made one as I would like to at least try to take part.  

During these tougher propagation times we need to coordinate our efforts with one another I think in order to maximize the results of our efforts.  I do believe that the quieter bands are better than great propagation under noisy conditions.

Keep us posted as to your next efforts.



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On Dec 7, 2019, at 18:10, Curt via Groups.Io <rhulett1@...> wrote:

Contact with N5IR about 200 miles from me 2243Z using the 80A. First in awhile.  Not much time today, but will try to be on more Dec 8.

Curt KB5JO Cricketeer #5

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