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Charles W. Powell

Easy to do Jack.  I recently built an audio pre-amp that I put one of the ICs in the wrong place.  Managed to get it out cleanly with a lot of patience but it wasn’t something that was going to be chalked up to a cheap mistake.  Darned thing cost too much for that.  I bet there’s not a builder here that hasn’t put something in the wrong spot, upside down, backward, or what-have-you.  Well, 95%.  The other 5% aren’t telling the truth?


Chas - NK8O

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OK Jim here goes .... I had been looking at this thing for 3 weeks trying to see what was wrong.  We had our builders club meeting and Joe (W0MQY) was working on his HT-40 so Bill (WB0LXZ) offered to help me trouble shoot.  Bill wasn’t really all that familiar with the kit but was very good with schematics.  We checked all of the voltages and so on and everything was checking out but it still wouldn’t work.  Gave up for the evening and a couple of days later I was talking to Joe and he said his 40 was working great.  He offered to take a look at mine and see what he could do with the scope.  I said I would be right over, warm up the scope.  Got over there and he took one look at the board and he said “I know what’s wrong with it”.  I said “ how’s that?”  He said “you’re Si5351 board Is is upside down”.
Moral of the story, Always read the directions even if you have built one before that works and a fresh pair of eyes never hurts.  Never get to old to learn.
So if someone tells you all the voltages check on the schematic and all the parts are in the right place tell them to turn over the Si5351 board!  Hi Hi

Jack .... WD0CFH


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That's great news- thanks for letting us know!  I don't think either Jim Pruett or I will make Ozarkcon, so feel free to share anytime it's convenient.
73- Dave, K1SWL

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Good news Dave, got it fixed and every thing is working great.  Joe Porter (W0MQY) found the problem.  I will tell you what happened at OzarkCon ......🤫
Jack ... WD0CFH

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