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There is a post on second page of the Messages titled Hilltopper 40 Performance. Several indicated just over 5W @ 12 volts. That was also my experience. Other members can add their experiences as well.


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Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2019 3:49 PM
Subject: [HilltopperKit] Hilltopper 40 Power Out at 12 VDC


I'm about to purchase a Hilltopper 40 but first I would like to know how close to 5 watts output I can get from 12 VDC?  I built five QCX transceivers and not one of them ever approached 5 watts on 12 VDC and they also use three BS170 transistors.

In fairness to QCX Labs, they do indeed specify that the QCX transceivers operate on approx 6 to 16 volts and, of course, output varies directly with voltage.

Followup question:  For whatever power out 12 VDC provides for the Hilltopper 40 should I assume it will be EQUAL or LOWER for the Hilltopper 20?

Thanks in advance for some enlightenment; I'm a new group member.

72, Stan WB2LQF

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