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Thank you very much for doing this.  I already loved my HT20 but after the mods, it's even better.  

Indiana Fireflies QRP Group met for Pizza last night and we were talking about how great the 4 States kits have been.

Outdoor Ops Season is almost here in Indiana....where it's 70 today and snowing tomorrow. 

Every day can be field day! 

Brian Murrey

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At this point, I've shipped all but two mod sets for the Hilltopper. Parts are due in today and then I can ship those.  About 20 sets have gone out.

I was surprised to discover that most of the padded mailers shipped as 'large envelope' rather than 'parcel'. That put the postage cost at $1.00 instead of almost $4.  Feel free to email me directly (below) to request a refund of the overage. Otherwise, consider it a contribution to my 'project fund'. I won't mind.

73- Dave Benson, K1SWL
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As my original post mentioned, fixes 1) and 2) are free for the asking.

Please contact me directly for these:   davek1swl at
The price for all three is $7 via Paypal (A check's fine too)  The big difference is the need for a padded mailer, po$tage and Paypal fee- those alone add up to $5.

For this flavor:  Paypal to my e-mail address above.

I'll be able to ship later this week- I've just reordered parts

73- Dave, K1SWL

73 de KB9BVN
Brian Murrey

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