Frequency calibration


I just finished a Hilltopper 40. It works well, but I'm a little fuzzy on the  frequency calibration.
I'm using a receiver to monitor  and am having trouble matching with the sidetone freq.
I noticed that when the correction is applied and the Cal jumper is removed the actual transmit
frequency is not the same as the annunciated frequency. T his does not sound right to me.
Also when using the alternate method with a freq counter, I assume that I'm monitoring the 
output at the BNC connector. What am I tuning to?
I've been inactive for many years and don't have any equipment anymore, so I'm enjoying
listening with the Hilltopper and brushing up on CW before I start having QSO's again.

Any information will be greatly appreciated
Thanks and 73"s    Frank  KB4VU

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