Re: Frequency calibration


Hi Charles,
  Thanks for the reply.
I was trying to use a communications receiver with an up converter that covers the hf bands, but it just is not 
working like I hoped it would.
I am using a dummy load and a freq counter clipped to the load and am getting good stable readings.
Whenever I adjust the offset in the cal mode and then go back to the normal mode, the actual transmit freq
does not match the annunciated freq. Is this right? When powered up it announces 7.030 but the actual
transmit freq is what was set in the cal mode.
Maybe I just don't understand what the cal process is doing. I just like to know what freq I am transmitting on.
Well it's late and I'm going to bed, tomorrow is another day.
Thanks again Charles
73's  Frank  Kb4VU

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