Re: Frequency calibration

Dave Benson


You want to be sure that the CAL jumper is already in place when you apply power.

After 5 seconds of RF output, the RF output will disappear and you restart that process.  As you do, the frequency will start up ever closer to your target frequency of 7030.00

When you're at the target, remove the CAL jumper and cycle power once more for normal operation.  Any mismatch in sidetone pitch between the Hilltopper and a second rig means the trimmer cap needs adjusting.

Hope this helps -   73, Dave- K1SWL

On Sun, Apr 7, 2019 at 10:10 PM Frank <prpntfmr@...> wrote:
I just finished a Hilltopper 40. It works well, but I'm a little fuzzy on the  frequency calibration.
I'm using a receiver to monitor  and am having trouble matching with the sidetone freq.
I noticed that when the correction is applied and the Cal jumper is removed the actual transmit
frequency is not the same as the annunciated frequency. T his does not sound right to me.
Also when using the alternate method with a freq counter, I assume that I'm monitoring the 
output at the BNC connector. What am I tuning to?
I've been inactive for many years and don't have any equipment anymore, so I'm enjoying
listening with the Hilltopper and brushing up on CW before I start having QSO's again.

Any information will be greatly appreciated
Thanks and 73"s    Frank  KB4VU

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