HT20 - Nice Rig

StanWB2LQF <sjl219@...>

Just finished my HT20 a couple hours ago.  I presently do not have any other radio in the house so I couldn't make the initial adjustments.  In spite of this situation, I managed to make my first contact within 5 minutes of connecting my antenna - Spain. Then I tuned down to the low end of the band and heard VK2KM in Sydney - long path to NY.  He sounded real nice through this little HT20.  Pileup was too severe for me to try.

I've built five (5) QCX transceivers and they are also very, very nice radios but none of them put out 5 watts on a 12 volt battery - I measured 5.6 watts from my new HT20 using an Elecraft dummy load, my Fluke DMM and some arithmetic.

Think I better order the HT40 real soon. 
72, Stan WB2LQF

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