Re: Ref:Hilltopper 20 Manual, J5 and J6 headers

Eric Holzapfel <ewholz@...>

Hello Chas,

Thanks for the reply. I am a pretty good coder for the Atmega chip - I developed a programmable camera (film and video) slider using that chip.
I would like your code sample, thanks. I was thinking about seeing if I could use an LCD display to see the freq (since I am familiar with atmega/Arduino programming, etc)
but I finally opened my eyes, and saw the "Files" section! and saw where a couple of guys had some code, etc.

I plan to incorporate the audio mods - as I have not put the kit together yet, mod install will be easy.  Keep me posted on your sidetone issue.
my email is ewholz AT gmail dot com,

Again thanks for the reply, and will post my success with the unit.


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