code will not compile - Hilltopper 20

Eric Holzapfel <ewholz@...>

I decided I would like to try to progarm the ATMega328p chip with the
"standard" hilltopper code posted in the Files section.
I have a Arduino Uno board, and a couple of atmega 328 chips.
I cannot get the code to compile using the Arduino IDE (ver 1.8.9) or the Atmel Studio 7.
I can load a test program in the chip ( a simple "blink" program) just to prove I can talk to
the chip, and run a program.

The problem seems to be with the si5351 library and the arduino code itself:
 si5351.init(SI5351_CRYSTAL_LOAD_6PF, 0, 0); //set PLL xtal load

The code snippet above is from the provided code, I see where the class in the si5351.h and the .cpp file
have definitions for the methods above. The void set_correction(int32_t, enum si5351_pll_input); seems to call for two
variables. the code refers to only one - FSCALE.

I must be missing something here - all the different code samples for programming the hilltopper have the
same code. Am I missing something in my environment? Is there an updated wire.h or eeprom that I am missing?

Any tips will help - I have not tried to use or program the chip that came with hilltopper chip - since I have other chips around.
I get the same error with either IDE, Arduino or Atmel studio. Or perhaps I have the incorrect library for the si5351
device (I also have seen an Adafruit_SI5351_library).


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