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I have about a dozen versions of the Hilltopper code. The attached file allows specifying the band (20, 30, 40) in a single line near the top. Band-specific constants are computed from this single specification and are therefore easy to find in this version.


In other versions, the sketch has been modified to support a limited CAT interface for tuning (and RIT offset tuning) using Ham Radio Deluxe, and/or for frequency display using an attached LCD or OLED device (described near the end of the page at  I am glad to share any of this.




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Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 4:01 AM
Subject: [HilltopperKit] Hilltopper 40m firmware


Hello group,

I had the Hilltopper-40_V2.0 firmware loaded on a second ATMEGA chip to experiment with my HT 40m. In TX or Calibration mode, the output frequency is 7.580 MHz, not the expected 7.030 MHz.
It is the original file that was downloaded here.

I can not find my mistake.

The original ATMEGA delivered with the kit ,works fine.

Can someone check that?

Many Thanks,


Martin DH3FR


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