Re: HT20 Alive!

Dave Benson


Thanks for your kind words. :-)

The one thing I've seen with the small 3S batteries intended for RC use-  they don't tolerate a complete discharge.
Twice now, I've accidentally left them powering a rig overnight (in receive) and they were dead.  There's just not room
in the batteries for cell balance and over-discharging protection circuits.  The chargers balk at trying to recharge them,
and I've thrown away two of those batteries so far. 

The LiFePO4 batteries, by contrast, have worked flawlessly for me. 

73- Dave

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 9:03 AM Curt via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I imagine the 3s Lipo would be great for field portable and own some of those for RC model airplanes, but the furthest get from home with ham radio is the back patio.  Will try out the 9V battery and post my results.  Used that for an ATS-3B years ago, with nearly same transmitter chain from wilds of northern Canada, put out 1W for lot of QSOs.

This little radio is a real jewel IMHO.  Great design, great assembly manual, great packaging, wonderful performance.

Curt KB5JO

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