Re: programming the Hilltopper Arduino chip


Keep thinking about Kd1JV's open source code here:  Wondering if the code could be adapted to run a Hilltopper.  I know there are some additional push buttons needed for all of the functions, but that is a fairly low hurdle. The notes say just load something called "FLIP" from Atmel site onto laptop and eventually load provided code through USB to controller. The provided code is Assembly language.

I built an ATS-3B years ago ( kick myself for selling it ) and the functionality with five momentary push buttons was breathtaking.  I believe it was running this code.  Besides the audible frequency it had a single digit display that displayed the frequency.  And a multiple memory iambic keyer. 

Guess as is typical of some hams, am always thinking about modifying stuff.

Curt KB5JO

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