Re: CQ WW this weekend. Fire up the HT-20s n 40s

Charles W. Powell


If you really want to use the radio for contesting and change bands quickly, the serial mod that was written and posted allows you to change the frequency by direct entry with your logging software.  I found the KX2/KX3 setting and 9600 baud serial port rate worked perfectly with the Hilltopper. Frequency changes become a matter of “type and go.”.


Chas - NK8O 

On Nov 24, 2019, at 4:30 PM, Curt via Groups.Io wrote:

Ended up with 13 entities, 19 QSOs.  Enough is enough, like continuous pileup.  Antenna 150' doublet up 50'.  Seemed propagation wasn't as good as previous years.

Best DX was Japan, 6700 miles from me.  I had one QSO with VY1AAA which wonder if was legit, because recall reading the station at VY1JA was being dismantled after Sweepstakes. 

Wish the HT passband was somewhat tighter, and ability to move frequency faster would be great too.  But in general the radio was a lot of fun to use.  It is my favorite 20M single band QRP radio.

I look forward to CQ WW DX 'test every November to give latest QRP/QRPp radio a workout.

72 Curt KB5JO

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