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Jim Pruitt

With the volume all the way up do you get only white noise or is it quiet?  With no CW frequency enunciation the AVR (U5) could be defective or not programmed.  If it had been programmed for 40 meters by mistake it would still output cw (030r0) which would tell you it was 40 meters and not the 060r0 that 20 meters would output.

Is there any audio at all ever heard?

I would also wonder if SW1 was possibly one of the normally closed switches we replaced that went out in some of the first kits of the last run.  If it was normally closed though that would still generate CW but not when pushed (since it would be acting like it was always pushed...until you pushed it).

Those are some of the things I would check.  If no audio ever then it could be the NE5532 op amp (or the NJM4556 if he did the audio mod).  I am assuming that we know the headphones or speaker used is good and works on his Hilltopper40 so known to be wired correctly.

I see that I mailed both of those to Rex on Dec 6, 2018 so it is possible that one of the wrong push button switches slipped through.  Can he check and make sure the SW1 is normally open?

Another possibility is that the Si5351 module may not be working.  Check to make sure it is installed correctly (a couple builders put it in upside down).  If in correctly check the solder joints on the pins in the Hilltopper pc board and at the module.  Is it generating a frequency or is there no activity (if you can check it).  If he built the Hilltopper 40 and it is working then I assume the Si5351 is not installed wrong in the Hilltopper 20 but have to ask So check the connections between the module and Hilltopper board.

In rereading the message he says everything else works.  Does that mean that he is hearing signals but not able to get his frequency?  If he is hearing signals on the band then the AVR is working and so is the Si5351 PLL module.

Is the calibration jumper in place or is it set for regular operation (not shorted)?

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

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GE Everyone,
I received this email today. Any suggestions for William?

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finished the hilltopper 20, but the function switch (sw1) dosen't do 
anything....everything else works....but no frec read out, no switching 
of keyer oparity .in short nothing happens when sw1 is pushed...checked 
all solder joints ,and double checked everything...could it be the U5 
ic??..also did a hilltopper works great!!! thank 
you.....William KB4TOX

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