Re: programming the Hilltopper Arduino chip


I am astounded!  Wanting to learn a little about the Arduino, I ordered an Arduno UNO R3 for $19 delivered.  Downloaded the IDE and started to stumble through the process.  Downloaded "blink" example, than Analog voltage readout, then blinking an LED at rate from a connected pot.  Then downloaded the Hilltopper code from files and the recommended SI5351 version to the Arduino library.  Compiled without incident.

I am light years from programming a controller to do something useful from scratch, despite having slung a lot of code of various flavors during my working life.  But mostly wanted to be able to edit existing code to work differently.

My original purpose was to convert a 20M Hilltopper controller to 17M.  Dave kindly told me (and I have found) the constants that determine frequency.  Now if 4States ever offers the 20M again I will be able to change the controller.  If not, I may hack my 20M to 17M.  Or maybe add a daughter board with necessary 17M LC components, add code to select between two bands by reading status of a jumper.

Any word from 4State whether and when they may become available?

Curt KB5JO

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