Re: programming the Hilltopper Arduino chip

Dave Benson


Very nice!

The Arduino environment really makes it as simple as possible to write or modify code and bring it to life.  The compiler is a little cryptic, and you'll learn from experience what its error outputs are trying to tell you.  One caution-  if you order the 'raw' ICs with the intent of burning the bootloader yourself, be sure to select the '328P-PU' suffix and not the '328-PU' version. They have a different device ID, and Arduino's documentation doesn't make this clear.

As an aside- I got my EE degree in '76. My only formal software training involved Fortran and punch cards! At that time, microprocessors were a graduate-level topic in another department. Of course, many of us were avidly reading Byte magazine and wire-wrapping up our own computers. Things have changed a little.

The changes for 17M should be just a matter of changing the two frequency words.  I did supply someone with an IC for 15M, though, and the receive LO was off in the weeds. It proved to be an overflow condition, and changing several integer declarations from the (default) 'signed' flavor to 'unsigned' fixed the issue.  In any case, I'll be here to assist as needed.

73- Dave, K1SWL

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 4:04 PM Curt via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I am astounded!  Wanting to learn a little about the Arduino, I ordered an Arduno UNO R3 for $19 delivered.  Downloaded the IDE and started to stumble through the process.  Downloaded "blink" example, than Analog voltage readout, then blinking an LED at rate from a connected pot.  Then downloaded the Hilltopper code from files and the recommended SI5351 version to the Arduino library.  Compiled without incident.

I am light years from programming a controller to do something useful from scratch, despite having slung a lot of code of various flavors during my working life.  But mostly wanted to be able to edit existing code to work differently.

My original purpose was to convert a 20M Hilltopper controller to 17M.  Dave kindly told me (and I have found) the constants that determine frequency.  Now if 4States ever offers the 20M again I will be able to change the controller.  If not, I may hack my 20M to 17M.  Or maybe add a daughter board with necessary 17M LC components, add code to select between two bands by reading status of a jumper.

Any word from 4State whether and when they may become available?

Curt KB5JO

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