Re: programming the Hilltopper Arduino chip


Good job on getting it going.  I also want to add a display to my HT20.  What version of HTXX code did you use?  In the files section of the Hilltopper group I see Hilltopper20_display_and_rit_mod.ino.

Is this the version you used?   Maybe Dave can pipe in on which is the accepted display version to use.

Other question is:  does it really matter if the Arduino IDE uses the bootloader or direct burn to chip (ICSP)?   My understanding is the code will end up in the same memory address so should not care.

I use both methods to DL.  I bought some blank 328P's so no bootloader on board.   I did see Daves comments on which chip to select when burning bootloader.

I did get some 2x20 I2C LCD's off ebay for this project.  All look pretty similar.   Need to pay attention to the I2C address though.


On Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 12:24 AM Steve Szabo <sszabo1@...> wrote:
Yes, I now have a newly programmed chip and a two-line display!
Kudos to all of you!!!
Steve WB4OMM

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