Re: Programming new Chip for HT20 - Problems


I had a 328P from an Uno board with a bootloader installed.  I just uploaded know good V2.0 code for HT20 and it worked fine.  The sidetone was correct speed.

I tried to burn a bootloader on a virgin chip and had nothing but problems.  I've done it before on other Arduino chips but this time I keep getting an "invalid chip signature".
And the burn attempt locks the chip out of further ISP attempts.   I fortunately have a fuse restorer for Atmels and was able to bring the chip back.  I do a sanity check with Avrdude to make sure I'm talking to the chip.  It also reads the fuses.  The sanity check does not work on a good working HT20 328P.  To me that means the chip is locked from further ISP attempts.  

Anyway, I'm going to try to ISP program the bootloader.  I think the file is out there.

I don't know why I always have so much trouble with Arduino projects.  I do eventually get them going but with great effort.  But I do learn......


On Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 7:42 AM Dave Benson <davek1swl@...> wrote:
Hi Bob-

// It sounds like you're aiming to be the King of 21 meters! <g>  I'd considered looking at 13.56 MHz for Scouting purposes- using a small loop antenna with a series resistor for short-range code practice. I never tried out the idea, though- too many projects! The obvious candidate was the RockMite.

It does sound like the fuse settings are suspect. Programming via the bootloader sounds like a good way to test that theory.

If need be, I can probably dig up the hex file, which should reveal the fuse settings.

73- Dave, K1SWL

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 6:43 PM WA1EDJ <bobc784@...> wrote:

I plan to burn a version of the HT20 arduino code with a start-up freq of 13.555 400.
So to verify I can do it, I compiled the current V2.0 code, 20M, used he correct Etherkit 5351a lib and got a good compile.
Burned a virgin 328P with default fuses via a TinyUSB ICSP.  No bootloader.
On power up, the sidetone was very, very slow.  It was the right CW just SLOW.
I noticed the Low fuse default is 0x62 which is Clock divide by 8.  I changed it to 0xE2
which is NO /8 for clock.
That improved the CW speed and now it is about 1/2 of normal.speed. Still slow though.
The rest of the radio seems ok, it receives fine.  Of course the 5351a synth has its own clock and only gets I2C commands from the 328P.
Some on the group have said that no changes are needed to the default fuses but that does not seem to be the case for me.
I burned direct ICSP, no boot loader with avrdude.  Not using the bootloader should make no difference.
I tried to read the fuses from the stock micro supplied with the kit but it seems locked so could not read it.   That would tell me a lot.
Some fuse settings on Atmel chips can lock out any further ICSP programming.  That may be my case.
Does everyone program using the bootloader?  Maybe I should try that?
Any ideas?

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