Re: Hilltopper tales?

Colin Evans M1BUU

My Hilltop(per) tale comes from way back in April 2017.

I'd just finished building my Hilltop 20 and took it on it's first SOTA outing. I had climbed Red Screes, a SOTA qualifying summit in the English Lake District. (SOTA ref G/LD-017).

My first QSO was with KA1R in Massachusetts. N1EU was next in the log from near Albany, NY. N4EX in North Carolina rounded up the trilogy of transatlantic contacts. I was quite pleased as I had put a lot of effort into building the rig.

I'm looking at revisiting this rig to update the firmware with the Hilltopper sketch from the group files. I need to check pin assignment etc.

73, Colin

On Sun, 3 May 2020, 05:06 John, <AL7JK.John@...> wrote:
Too nice to stay indoors today during the 7QP event. Setup out on the deck
in the backyard, HT20, T1 tuner & a 43ft wire suspended from a spiderbeam
mast. Lotta fun, HT20 was singing cw rite along among the contesters.
Love that HT20 ! 73 de AL7JK, John

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