40 meter hilltopper little rf outpt.q

Ed Oxer, W8EO

Just finished 40 mtr htpr purchased at dayton. little outpt. can barely detect a signal on my 7300 scope. other than reduced audio gain in rx all working. any  suggestions? is there a voltage chart? tnx for any help. de W8EO

N8DAH <Dherron@...>


 Sorry to hear about the low/no power out.

I would start with checking L5 and the BS170's.

After that try checking the LPF stage C47,48, 49, 50, 52 and L6 and 7 to see if anything has cold solder joints. Also check L5, 6 and 7 for continuity.

I am in the middle of build a HT20 (5th one) and once I get it done I can check voltages for you if not solved by then.




Ed Oxer, W8EO

Hi David, 

Tnx for the reply. 

On close examination I found that U4 was missing and looking in the parts box there it was. After a quick install, problem solved. 

I found that voltages were listed on the schematics at key points in the circuit. That would have been my next step. 

I'm using the 3d printed paddle I got from you at Dayton. It's working well. 

I'm putting together a Vectronics 40 mtr qrp xmtr to go with the ZZRX 40 that the Mich State Univ ARC built as a project 
this year. We also built a couple of QCX's. What an amazing rig that is. We combined the audio and radio clubs at W8SH
and attracted 13 newly licensed hams. They love building radio and audio stuff. This very important for engineering students. 

I'll look for you on the radio. 

Tnx and 73, 

Ed, W8EO
East Lansing