Bring Back the Hilltopper


I would have loved to been a member of 4sqrp group when it started.
But better late than never!
I asked the question a few weeks ago and got a positive answer back that they are thinking about it.

I am asking for a vote to start re-kitting the Hilltopper40 or 20.
I vote yes, with or without a case and/or with or without a display.

Looking forward to a positive response.
Ron W4DNQ Macclenny, Florida em80


Not sure why NO ONE has asked for the same?
I looked at the schematic and even though it is a semi simple design, it is easy to understand
and it has all the makings of mods and code changes for yourself.

I am still hoping that the group re-considers kitting some kits that others that are new to the club
will be able to experience the building of this project.

Ron W4DNQ Macclenny, FL.


I am lined up to buy another if they are offered again hoping to convert it to 17M.

Curt KB5JO