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File: _4SQRP-_released_code_V2.0.ino

Uploaded By: Dave Benson

This firmware supersedes the version currently being shipped by 4SQRP in its first 100 units. It provides the following improvements: 1) Straight Key mode a) In the initial release, a Straight-Key 'timeout' (5 seconds key-down) hung up the firmware, requiring DC power to be removed and restored. Now: A brief tap of the 'Function' pushbutton restores normal operation. b) A 1-second+ press of the Function pushbutton invokes Tune mode (5 second carrier). It returns to normal operation without operator intervention. 2) Iambic Keyer operation The initial firmware release provided mode A operation only. The version V2.0 herein provides the user's choice of mode A or mode B. Was: 'Function' held down on power-up reverses paddles Now: Holding down 'Function' on power-up yields a Morse 'R ?' Tap either paddle within 2 seconds to reverse the dot/dash 'sense'. Do nothing to leave it unchanged. It then sends 'B ?'. Tap either paddle within 2 seconds to select mode B. Do nothing to select mode A. The firmware then confirms your selection by sending 'A' or 'B' as appropriate. Following that, you'll hear the Morse frequency readout, signifying the return to normal operation. The results (Reverse and mode A/B) are stored in non-vol memory. As a result, this is a one-time procedure- unless you're changing paddles or operators.

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