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Charles W. Powell

I must say that the radio did very well today in the field.  I still don't know how sensitive it really is, but I have an Elecraft signal generator at home that I can try some attenuation levels.  I briefly listed on my KX2 and an S5 signal on it was QSA 5 QRK 5 on the Mountaintopper. Unfortunately 20 meters wasn't great overall.  There is less noise perceived on the Mountaintopper but that may be gain related.  I had the gain wide open for most of my QSOs today but that's not a big surprise (unless I should have a lot of background noise.)

As some of you may have read online, first QSO was PJ5/AI5P, then OR, Cuba, and AZ.  Not bad considering the band conditions.  I was definitely heard.

  1. With my earbuds, the sidetone is very loud.  Is there any way to make it quieter or adjustable?  I haven't tried it with other phones as yet.
  2. Sidetone pitch - quite high for me.  Any way to adjust that?
  3. As previously mentioned, the keyer is iambic mode A.  Mode B doesn't bother "single paddle" type keying, but for those of us who use autocomplete, OUCH!

Would I throw this in a backpack to operate portable?  You bet I would.  Nice job, development team!  Compared to something like the MFJ Cub? The Cub is more expensive and lightyears behind in its technology.  And again for the kitting team and technical/manual writers, this radio had the best instructions and grouping of components and instruction set I have ever seen.


Charles - NK8O

Martin Kramer

Hello Charles,
I replaced R8 (22k) by 82k now the level of sidetone is just fine.
Sidetone can be adjusted by changing in the arduino firmware. tone(STN, 800); -> 800 Hz

Vy 73 Martin DH3FR