Re: Consolidated Murania Mods

Jim WB2LHP in MI <jmarco1955@...>

Glad to hear you are pleased with the mods John...

In my case, I still had the leftover wire from the build...I just soldered the wire on and would the coil out to 61 turns...I had the help of an inductance meter...The target value of the inductor is 200 uH...Variations in wire size will mean more or less turns...If you don't have an inductance meter, it's kind of a leap of faith...But in general, you can fill your ferrite form and cut off turns experimentally until your dial lines up with known stations...

If you're doing a brand new build, there is enough included wire to get to the 61 turns...I hope this helps...Jim WB2LHP

On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 4:49 PM John L. Porter <jjbbl2@...> wrote:
Well Jim, I completed the mods yesterday and wanted to wait until I had a chance to listen to the Murania at night before reporting back.

These mods definitely improved dial linearity, selectivity/sensitivity and overall sound quality on my radio! I am hearing stations now that previously were not detected all through the tuning range. The radio does seem to be more directional now. Positioning is important when listening. I saw your post from 12/1/2018, explaining this.

Anyone having trepidations about installing the mods need not worry. The improvements to an already neat little radio where worth the time!

I have one question, Jim. How important to winding the antenna is wire size. I had to use smaller copper wire and in doing so the 61 turns ended up in the center of the ferrite rod. I don't think this is too much of a concern, but thought I'd ask.

Thanks again for the mod information!

John, KD5EJA

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