Built a Murania last night...


My experience:
The directions on trimming the extra variable cap straps could be clearer. On the photos page there are 3 pictures showing the variable cap. The first shows it oriented one way and the other two have it oriented 180 degrees opposite and 5 straps are cut not 4. Seems we are removing the trimmer caps in the process but I am not sure. Initially I followed the first picture and then soldered two of the straps back on again and followed the last two pictures. 
Did wind 61 turns and not install the 47 pF cap C8. When i measured it, I got 279uH. Thinking about removing a turn or two.
Replacing the 1K R2 with 2.7K by itself did not seem to make a striking difference. But when I also added the variable resister mods it was significantly improved. The combination, at least, is well worthwhile and definitely recommended.
 I then tried replacing the TA7642 with the circuit used in the Nouveau75 “NM0S Receiver Mods” and powered that with 9v, but my replacement circuit did not work. May need to rebuild that, picture enclosed.
The inside corners of the interlocking fingers for the case are a little bit rounded and I will probably give them a swipe or two with the corner edge of a file to square them off and get a tighter fit.
Did substitute most of the caps with parts from the junk box that measured closer to the stated value, doubt that made any real difference.
Will look for a more robust 9 volt battery connector, radio shack used to have one as an alternative, and I suspect grandson will destroy the soft one fairly quickly.
jerry aa1of

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