Re: Here is my finished Murania

David Wilcox

I bought my kit at FDIM.  Did a parts check last night and all the parts are there. Am waiting for grand sons next visit to build it.  What a cute radio. May have to build this one for me and order ankther one for him.  Ha!

It would be helpful to include in the instructions which caps are which, ie., 103, 224, 47, etc.  I did check them with a cap checker.  The directions only show the values of the caps but not the designators on each cap.  The caps checked out but some were not close to the listed values so that could be very confusing to a noobie.  I know bypass caps can vary a lot and still work.

Dave K8WPE

On Jun 28, 2018, at 4:44 PM, Paul Smith <n0nbd@...> wrote:

I am listening to our local AM station as I write this. My Murania is one of the Beta build units. It works great. The build was simple as can be and I feel like the kid 60 years ago with my first transistor radio. I am the kitter on this kit and have a BIG bunch bagged up and ready to go to the PO. Watch the reflector and web page for the release. Rumor has it to be released JULY 4. You, your kids and grand kids will love this radio and the time spent spent building it.

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