Re: murania


Hi Guys,
Did not like the volume knob behavior after the mods. Seemed to go from none to max over a very short range. Tried detaching the ground end of the volume pot from ground and that led to max vol with no effect from the knob. (Despite my efforts I still really do not understand this stuff.)
So I put a 33k resistor between the ground end of the pot and ground. And I put a 39 k between the ground end of the pot and the opposite, non-wiper, not middle, end of the pot. It is not ideal but I think it’s better. The last third of the rotation is still all just max vol with no change, so there is room for improvement. But.. I think it feels more like a “volume control” than before. If some body finds a better set of values or arraignment then please let us all know.

2nd change: Rewound the antenna coil with litz wire from
and messed with the tickler coil a bit.. 

I think maybe its it’s a little bit louder and I may be hearing more stations but that may just be propagation at the moment. 

73’s to all
jerry aa1of
franconia nh 

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