Independence from Boredom!

Johnny AC0BQ

Good afternoon all:

Hope you are having a Safe and Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸

I am pleased to announce the latest kit from the 4 sqrp Group.

Talk to anyone who was around during the Sputnik era and he will tell you how exciting it was when the first transistor radios were introduced.  For the first time, you could have a portable radio that could slip into your pocket, and affordable enough that young people could take their music with them anywhere.  The Four-State QRP Group has brought back the thrill of those days gone by with the Murania receiver!  Designed by David Cripe NM0S,  this simple kit is the perfect starter project to get young people interested in our hobby or to bring back those warm memories gained listening to your first portable radio.


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4SQRP is an IRS-recognized 509(a)(2) Public Charity for Scientific Purposes.  All proceeds from kit sales go towards the production of our annual OzarkCon information-sharing and education conference held in early April each year.


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Johnny AC0BQ 
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