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Tommy Henderson

Here is what I found, the parts list was destroyed on the last computer.  The old parts would have bad part numbers anyhow.  The parts used on the new board can sub into the old board that are the same.

Tommy - WD5AGO

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Subject: Re: [O17Kit] Need manual for old board

GA Steve,

I checked the doc on the website and archives. There is no sign of a manual. Not sure if Tommy forgot to send it or it was misplaced.

72 -Ron - AG1P

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Subject: Re: [O17Kit] Need manual for old board


Hello Steve 

Try posting ur request to the main group reflector.


This will get you a larger audience.


Johnny AC0BQ


On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 1:59 PM stephen white <sswhite@...> wrote:

I picked up a O17 board at Ozarkcon this year but it didn't have a build manual with it.  I think this might be one of the original ones.  The current manual available from this subgroup is different in quite a few ways so I do not have adequate info to build the board up...I am hoping someplace there is a manual that I can download or some one might a copy of an old one...Help Please.

Steve  NU0P


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