Re: Builder Comments


I just finished mine and am fairly impressed with ease of construction and performance.  Haven't tried low band yet because is still daytime.  I can hear WWV on 10 and 15 MHz, several SWBC stations, CW n SSB on 40M n 20M.  The tuning dial markings are little off for me, I adjusted the pointer to be "on" 10MHz listening to WWV, and 40M shows up about 7.5 on the dial.  No big deal as far as am concerned, now have used it I know where the frequencies of interest fall on the dial.

I am listening to mine with headphones, waiting for a miniature amplifier to improve speaker drive.

Construction was simple with no issues except for the three Chinese caps I measured found off value ( one was open ).  I replaced with my own stock, this has become the norm for me, most times these caps have poor leakage and values all over the map.  I don't trust them.

The gimmick didn't need any adjustments, regeneration works fine.

This is one of the better regenerative receivers I have built, and have built a few.  Kits, scratch, etc.  This is the only one covering wide frequency range that is a pleasure to use.   The bandspread and band switching makes a big difference.  Am going to do a little SWL with it this evening.

Thanks for a great performing nice looking kit.

Curt KB5JO

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