Re: Builder Comments

Tom Denton

FInished mine sometime back. Replaced the gimmick with a variable capacitor (just because I could). Added a Freq Mite with a momentery switch to read out the frequency. Daisy chained a Hi-per Mite and SSB Mite with a pair of double pole switches for additional filtering. This also gave me an audio amp for additional volume through the speaker.

None of this was necessary, it's a great kit bone stock. I just like tinkering and modifying. 

Goes together very easily. The large solder pads make soldering a piece of cake especially if soldering is something new for you. Performs very well, my 10 year old grand daughter loves to listen to it. I showed her how to tune a regen receiver and off she went She is amazed that you can listen to all of that for free (the youth of today :-) .  My antenna is a temprary 20' piece of stranded  electrical wire hooked between two curtain rods in what ever room we're in listening to radio

I second the use of . Not that the instructions are lacking but a second set of pictures can be awful handy. 

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