Re: Regen Control Question

Mark Hansen

Thanks! The reverse action was the key. They should change that part in the instructions.


On Tue, May 12, 2020, at 12:59 PM, Curt via wrote:
My Ozark patrol has the maximum gain about 30 degrees from full clockwise on the regen control.  I hear a "clunk" as turn the control counterclockwise from there and radio receives SSB and CW well, AM with oscillation off of zero beat. a little clockwise from the "clunk" and the radio receives AM without oscillation.  So I operate mine about 30 degrees from full clockwise.  CCW from there gain drops off.  

One article on the web said "Also, the regen control has a reverse action. You turn it full clockwise, then back it off to add feedback"

I turn the regen control full ccw and start turning clockwise, for about the first 30 degrees the oscillation and gain increases then drops.  Continuing to turn cw, the gain and oscillation increases again until a maximum about 30 degrees from full cw.  Just past the "clunk", AM stations are received with no oscillation.

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