Hi-Per Mite and/or SSB-mite filter on a Ozark Patrol

Tom Denton

Just finishing building a Ozark Patrol.  Really enjoyable build. I did modify the front plate (one little hole) so the band switch works up for high band and down for low. And I received today a .05 - 5pf variable cap in the mail to replace the gimmick. 

I bought a freq-mite to install in it. I haven't done that yet, I'll make sure it all works in fairly stock form before tinkering. Even though the freq-mite in non-invasive.


Would there be value in adding a Hi-per-mite and/or SSB-mite filter into the audio chain. Does the regen negate any value they might have? I don't believe I have ever operated a regen receiver before so this is new territory for me. Would it make it harder to tune with the filters in? Hi-Per Mites are out of stock at the moment so I can't buy one and just try it.

I'm building the radio for a couple of grandsons to tinker with, maybe generate an interest in radio or electronics. But I'm enjoying the tinkering and modifying. They got to help a bit with the build last Saturday.  There might be a spark there.





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