Re: Builder Comments

Tom Denton

The build is great. Easy and relaxing.

I did use as a supplemental build instruction. Not really necessary but the extra pictures and descriptions helped in some cases. I did adopt his mod of adding in a variable cap to replace the gimmick resistor. And his discussion of the band switch caused me to mod mine to work as I wanted it. Neither is necessary in the slightest, I just enjoy modifying as much as building. Even if it is small things to make something function in a way that suits me. By the time I bought the variable cap from RF Parts (p/n 5M11 by the way), bought some other parts to reach the minimum order and paid shipping I had $41 in replacing the gimmick resistor plus some parts I sorta might need.

I can't give a good idea of the performance. I have just finished building it in stock form and haven't tinkered too much in operation. Everything I have read on the internet says the performance is very good.


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