13VDC to 5VDC Buck VR Ideas

JT Croteau <jt.tobit@...>

Hi folks, I am in need of building a couple step-down voltage
regulator circuits to run some ardunio-like projects at 5VDC/3A for
prolonged periods of time from a 13.8VDC source.

I'm thinking the TI LM2678-5 5A VR IC might be a good choice for this
project. However, I am not an expert at all in VR design. Would
anyone have any other recommendations? I was going to start
experimenting with the circuit in the LM2678 data sheet.

I realize there are a bunch of similar, pre-built, 3A buck devices
like this flooding the Chinese ebay market. However, reviews are
mixed at best especially for prolonged use. I suspect this to be from
fake, copied, TI VR ICs and other sub-par components. I am not trying
to reinvent the wheel, I just need a reliable/clean way to provide 5V
@ 3A (max.) from 12-13.8VDC.


- JT

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