Re: Looking for a HF Receiver


* On 2015 20 Oct 08:32 -0500, Wayne Dillon wayne.dillon@... [4sqrp] wrote:
Hi gang,
I am looking for a good used general coverage receiver (HF), something like
the Icom IC70/71, kenwood R600/R1000 (but NOT the Yaesu 7700) or similar to
take around with me. Any of you folks have something you'd like to pass
along at a fair price? I do PayPal.
You might give Mark a call over at Derby Radio Shack as he still shows
this R600 in stock:

He's showing $175.00 for it and I looked it over at the KS convention in
August and it is very clean. I had no need for it, but if I had been
looking, I would have kicked myself for not picking it up.

Mark's main website:

73, Nate


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