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Paul Smith

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Great post Ron,

I lost my Elmer, Richard Bishoff, in '76. He was a great person who
had learned to live with and overcome severe physical handicaps while
maintaining a positive attitude. Dick was a superb traffic handler
spending many hours handling WWII and Korean War traffic thru the MARS
network, and he taught me the value of using CW. His original call was
W0QVA and later W0GA. I still have a picture of he and I at FD in
1972. I worked with him at IRC Inc (a resistor mfr) in West Burlington,
and he taught me code in a climate controlled room where we stored
resistance transfer standards and a super accurate Wheatstone bridge.
One day he said, "Congratulations you just passed your Novice code test."

I miss you Dick, RIP my friend.

I love this radio stuff!
Great story Terry, We do miss our Elmers.

de Paul N0NBD


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Just a thought.

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