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Get your antenna up higher.  A 40 meter antenna at 12 feet high is just "warming the worms".  Most all your radiation is straight up, and little over the face of the earth.

If you have a tree or other support, put the center of the dipole up as far as you can and operate the antenna as an inverted VEE.  If the ends of the antenna are at 12 feet, that is OK, just get the center up as high as you can.

An effective antenna is 1/4 wavelength to 1/2 wavelength high.  For 40 meters that is 33 to 66 feet.


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Hi all

I am new to the group and to the hobby.

now I have a question. I am using an a dipole at 12ft and power of 5W at 40m. If I take advantage of the greyline  propagation that I read about,  reverse beacon says I can be heard up to 750mi at 11db using 40m. Any other time reverse beacon shows nothing. Is this a normal performance( or lack of) for a setup similar to mine?

I am using all homebrewed equipment transmitter, receiver, tuner and everything else. My CW skills is also something I have acquired recently so it cannot be relied upon. So as you can see there are a lot of factors that may explain my stations lack of performance. The question above is basically what I need to develop a baseline to know what my next steps are to improve my station.

fernan VE4FEB

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