OT: Semi-Auto key (bug) Dot Stabilizer update

Jim Sheldon

Recently I have had inquiries as to whether or not I still make the semi-automatic key "bug" Dot Stabilizers. The answer is yes, I still make them.
I currently make "Dot Stabilizers" (a T.R. McElroy invention from the 1930's - see <www.artifaxbooks.com/dotstabilizer.htm <http://www.artifaxbooks.com/dotstabilizer.htm>> for history & theory) for the Vibroplex, Speed-X and McElroy keys having the round pendulum and bugs with the flat pendulum, such as the Vibroplex Lightning Bug, Champion and WW2 military J-36 bugs (including the Lionel models and Alberto Frattini I1QOD's beautiful reproductions) which are based on the Lightning Bug design. I can customize them for other bugs such as the Japanese Hi Mound ("Coffin") bug, European made (metric sizes) bugs, etc. and I have the dimensions on hand and have made and tested stabilizers for most of them. Though Rare, there are "left handed" bugs out there and I can also make stabilizers for them too if you let me know they are true left handed bugs and not right handed ones you just learned to use left handed.
They are made out of aluminum. They mount to the arm with a socket head set screw and the proper Allen wrench is included along with a printed set of instructions explaining installation and proper adjustment. Unlike McElroy's originals, mine do not require modification of the movable dot contact mount. They are made entirely by hand so there may be slight differences between each one (won't affect the operation at all).The prices are $25 post paid to U.S. customers, $35 US to Canadian customers and $45 US to most other parts of the world. They will be sent "International First Class" mail.
If you decide to order one or more, I will need the make/model of the bug(s) you want stabilizers for, whether they are "left" or "right" handed (the bug, not you) and be sure to include your mailing address as well.
The preferred method of payment is Pay Pal and my PP address is: w0eb@... <mailto:w0eb@...> . For Canadian and International customers I'll only accept payment by PayPal.
I will take USPS money orders from U.S. domestic customers, made out to Aubrey J. Sheldon, sent to my QRZ mailing address for those of you who don't or prefer not to use PayPal.
I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.
Jim Sheldon - W0EB
To save you the lookup, my QRZ Address is:
Aubrey J. Sheldon, W0EB
2029 East Evanston Dr.
Park City, KS 67219-1618

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