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Richard Dickerson

Will you take 90 for the tri bander and baliun?

Richard WF2F

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UPDATED 11-2-15:

I'm working with the XYL of Bruce, AA5CO (SK) to see that these pieces get a good home.

Here’s the full list of the equipment Bruce, AA5CO (SK) left in his shack:


TenTec Model 538 Jupiter HF Transceiver (Gray Case, Green Screen, no tuner).  $550.00

Palstar AT500 600 Watt Antenna Tuner sn 10661 W/Cross-needle metering.   $325.00

WinRadio model WR-G31DDC Excalibur. Software defined (SDR) HF receiver. $550.00

4SQRP EZKEYER II, AA0ZZ design  $40.00

Straight Key,  similar to Ameco K1, Philmore B53 or MFJ 550.  $18.00

4SQRP QRPometer - SWR/Power meter $60.00  

Radio Shack 12VDC, 1.75A power supply. $10.00

Small INNOVA Digital VOM with test leads.  $8.00

10 Element 2 Meter VHF Yagi.  Is probably a CushCraft A14810S  $70.00

Small 2-element Tri-band HF Yagi.  HyGain TH-2Mk3.  6 ft boom. BN86 Balun. $125.00

Galvanized Push-up-Pole - fair/poor condition, slight rust $25.00

4 foot green fiberglass Military Mast Poles $20.00

2ea 16 AH SLA 12V batteries - unknown condition (heavy) $40.00  

BOOK: A DXers Handbook Indonesia $2.00

BOOK: ARRL Operating Manual 5th Ed (Steve Ford) $18.00

BOOK: ARRL Antenna Book 18th Ed. (Software included 3-1/2" diskette inside back cover) $22.00

BOOK: ARRL Antenna compendium Vol1 $10.00

BOOK: ARRL Antennas and Techs for low-band Dxing.  ON4UN. 2nd Ed 1994 $15.00

BOOK: Joe Carr Receiving Antenna Handbook Joseph Carr, K5IPV  $24.00

BOOK: Long-Path Propagation, Bob Brown, NM7M $18.00

BOOK: The Big Gun's guide to low-band propagation. 2002 Robert Brown NM7M $5.00

BOOK: New Beam Antenna Handbook, William Orr W6SAI  2nd Ed. 1990 $22.00

BOOK: (73)  Vertical beam and Triangle Antennas by Edward M Noll W3FQJ $18.00

BOOK: (Sam's) Easy-Up Antennas for radio listeners and hams Edward M Noll $8.00

BOOK: (CQ) Shortwave Propagation Hndbk.  2nd Ed 1982 $15.00


All are located in Tulsa, OK.


If you're interested, contact me with your offer and I'll get back with you.  If you have a genuine interest in the gear, PLEASE let me know.  However if offers are too low, or non-existent, we'll either put it on eBay or take it to a couple of regional hamfests (Green Country-Tulsa & OzarkCon 2016).  A few items are listed on QTH.Com.  The emphasis is on getting good homes for this stuff.  Not being a money maker for someone to re-sell.

 Payment in cash, please (I can take PayPal if you mark the purchase as a “personal” payment or will increase payment to cover the 3% commercial PayPal fees.)

 Everything is in very good condition except as noted, but as this is a SK sale, nothing is warranted.  If any shipping and packaging is required, that will be additional at cost.


 -Ed Meyer, WG5F-

 ed at meyertribe dot com

 (918) 232-5194 Cell (texts okay)

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