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Wayne Dillon

I use two antennas, the 1/2 size G5RV in the attic (it runs the length of the ridge wit 6" turned down at each end) which works well on 40 and and 20m with the FT920's internal tuner, and all bands 40 thru 10 with the KX3+internal tuner, FT817+Z817 or T1 tuner. For 80m I use a W3EDP from the front porch to a far support. With it's 17' "counterpoise" (It's not really a counterpoise) into a 4:1 BalUn and thence co-ax to the combinations mentioned already. The 1/2 size G5RV has earned me a QRP WAS (multi band, 20 and 40) all CW.
Some food for thought maybe...
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I HATE moving...been here 8 yr...longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life...too much crap piles up.  New QTH, Oklahoma City, Lakeside community does not smile on "big" antennas...also, some in the area have complained about "interference."  I may well just stick with QRP.  Attic antennas are an option for AlexLoop is a great portable/base QRP stand-by.  I really enjoy 17M SSB and am wondering if there is a good "attic" antenna for it?  My 20M end fed and the 40M end fed (with a bend at the end) will fit.  BTW, a wood/shingle metal...also, floor ducting, so no problem there...

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