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I have same problem here on Oregon coast. I had a flagpole vertical but with high winds here at times and living among sand dunes, had problems keeping it up. I now have loop antenna up 12 ft on the roof using 22 ga wire. It is basically invisible unless you know where to look for it. I run 300 ohm TV twin lead from the connector down the back of a downspout to the crawlspace, where I have a 4:1 balun and then use coax for the short run to the shack.  I painted the twin lead the same color as the downspout so again, you have to know where it is to see it. There’s 200 ft of wire up there and it tunes on 40, 20, 17 and 15. The HOA police come by at least once a week and haven’t spotted it yet. No complaints on interference either.  I have run up to 50 watts into antenna but operate QRP most of the time. Recently have been working stations on east coast and one Japanese station but haven’t heard anyone in Midwest.


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I HATE moving...been here 8 yr...longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life...too much crap piles up.  New QTH, Oklahoma City, Lakeside community does not smile on "big" antennas...also, some in the area have complained about "interference."  I may well just stick with QRP.  Attic antennas are an option for AlexLoop is a great portable/base QRP stand-by.  I really enjoy 17M SSB and am wondering if there is a good "attic" antenna for it?  My 20M end fed and the 40M end fed (with a bend at the end) will fit.  BTW, a wood/shingle metal...also, floor ducting, so no problem there...


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