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I'm currently doing the same thing as AE8JG -  With a random wire for the radiator and tuner radials (I use a MFJ-931 for 40/80/160 to keep RFI away), I've worked >100 countries at 50 watts or less with this setup in less than two years (I have contacts on 80 and 160 too). I feed the radiator with a SGC-231 autotuner (it will tune almost anything).............and I got a SEA1612C tuner (marine grade - almost indestructible) for an upgrade that I haven't placed in service yet ($50 at the Melbourne FL Hamfest, and works fine). I'm not affiliated with SGC; I'm just a fan of their tuners...........
Since you have the room, you may want to install a loop and feed it with a SGC auto-tuner such as the SG-230 or 231 (I use a SG-231 currently). That gets you easy flexibility down to 40m. Also, fan dipoles would work for 20 and up. Finally, the ARRL ran a couple of articles on Folded Skeleton Sleeve Dipoles (May and October 2011 - Joel Hallas, W1ZR, author) - this might make 40/30 easier for you.
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 Radiating wire along the top. Ground wire along the floor. It won't be as good as what I had, but I should be able to get on the air. Next item on the list is to learn the code. 
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  I really enjoy 17M SSB and am wondering if there is a good "attic" antenna for it?  My 20M end fed and the 40M end fed (with a bend at the end) will fit.  BTW, a wood/shingle metal...also, floor ducting, so no problem there...

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