Re: QTH move


Hi Doc,

I have the same problem here in AZ, maybe worse.  The "Design Guidelines" for our community state "absolutely no amateur radio antennas".  We moved in to our new home in late 2005 and I fooled around with in-garage and attic antennas for a while but was usually frustrated.  The noise pickup was the worst part of it.

In early 2007 I put up a 20 M vertical attached to the North side of the house with a piece of clear acrylic.  The antenna is made from a couple heavy copper pipes (3/4") from Home Depot and stands only 16" from the house.   I installed 10 radials, all on one side, of course, and painted the antenna the same color as the  house.  No one has complained or even noticed it in the eight years it's been up.  It has a natural impedance of 13 ohms so I added a 1:2 transmission line transformer and wound up with an VSWR under 1.3 all across the entire 20 M band.    Can you see it in the attached pictures?  With that antenna I completed WAS and DXCC in about a year (plus a couple more months to get all the confirmations) running 100 W or less.

Dave Collins - AD7JT

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