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Put up what you can and enjoy it.  I have a friend that has worked 35 states with an HW 8 and PFR  3 loading up his slider door screens.  They didn't like long wires on his golf course either.  Fine wire dipoles outside work (except in tornadoes) if you have trees or other supports.  Don't tell your neighbors you are a ham either, or the condo police will be out to get you for any interference real or not.  

Or get on the board of the condo association.  I have a friend in Georgia who lives next door to the association president and he even let him put up a hex beam on his deck.  No worse than some of the umbrellas the neighbors have on their patio tables.

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I HATE moving...been here 8 yr...longest I have ever lived anywhere in my life...too much crap piles up.  New QTH, Oklahoma City, Lakeside community does not smile on "big" antennas...also, some in the area have complained about "interference."  I may well just stick with QRP.  Attic antennas are an option for AlexLoop is a great portable/base QRP stand-by.  I really enjoy 17M SSB and am wondering if there is a good "attic" antenna for it?  My 20M end fed and the 40M end fed (with a bend at the end) will fit.  BTW, a wood/shingle metal...also, floor ducting, so no problem there...

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